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In essence 


through the page 


It is creativity with purpose made fashion..

I turn ideas into designs, taking care of the harmony of the elements, details, colors and shapes, which embodied in each creation become the connection with each of you..


Inspiring you the most beautiful emotions is my gift, because every day we can transform into the best version of ourselves. 

My greatest desire is to be a point of light, a movement that expands and illuminates your days, so that you can create beautiful memories where creations are present

By Hecmaru Reyes.

By profession Industrial Engineer, Specialist in Management and Quality. Artist in essence and passionate about Design, in love with life and inspired by my daughters.

Corazon Cozy Mood.png


Each By Hecmaru Reyes creation is a positive reminder to live a life with intention, allowing us to return to our essence of being happy and creating happiness around us.


This line from By Hecmaru Reyes uses beautiful pieces from global brands in limited quantities as new blank canvases, where creative designs are captured that positively connect in your life.


This line gives you the option to customize what you want, your idea becomes the basis of the design but each creation will be a creative surprise with our essence.

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